Belovezhskaya Pushcha was brought to the top of the most beautiful parks in Europe

To the European Day of Parks, which is celebrated on May 24, the famous German broadcasting company Deutsche Welle has made the top of the most impressive parks in Europe. The selection included Belovezhskaya Pushcha - the most ancient national park of Belarus.

The most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe according to Deutsche Welle:
  • Triglav Park - in Slovenia

  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha

  • Saxon Switzerland - the German part of the mountains near the border with the Czech Republic

  • Etna-active volcano in Sicily

  • Plitvice Lakes - Croatian Forest Reserve

  • Tatra National Park in Poland

  • Loch Lomond - Scotland Lake

  • Gran Paradiso is a mountain in Italy.

Do you want to see with your own eyes the famous homeland of aurochs? Select a tour on the site and visit Belovezhskaya Pushcha with VETLIVA. The tour will be interesting to both adults and children, because the residence of the Belarusian Father Frost is located in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.