Belarusian Santa Claus is the most popular among tourists this winter
Analytical Agency of the Tourist made a rating of the best and most popular Santa clauses in the CIS countries and Georgia among Russian tourists in the winter of 2018 — 2019. Santa Claus from Belovezhskaya Pushcha took the first place
Top 10 Santa Clauses, which are popular among tourists in the CIS countries:
  1. Santa Claus in Belarus, 
  2. Ayaz ATA in Kazakhstan, 
  3. Baba mine in Azerbaijan, 
  4. Cahand Dad in Armenia, 
  5. Qorbobo in Uzbekistan, 
  6. Mosh krechun in Moldova, 
  7. Ayaz ATA in Kyrgyzstan, 
  8. Boboi Barfi in Tajikistan, 
  9. Ayaz Baba in Turkmenistan,
  10. Tovlis Dad in Georgia.

Based on: analytical Agency "Turstat"