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Belarusian flights declared to be the most punctual

Belarusian flights declared to be the most punctual


And again Belavia pleases: Belarus took the first place in the ranking of flight delays. This means that during the study period (from March 31 to June 15, 2019), it showed the best statistics of delayed and cancelled flights. In total, during this time, only 6% of flights were recorded with deviations from the approved schedule. Moldova is following Belarus with 9%, Kazakhstan with 12% and Latvia slightly behind with 12.3%. Belarusian airline has already become a leader in punctuality.

China declared to be the most non-punctual country: here a third of all flights were delayed or even cancelled. Germany and Greece are following the Middle Kingdom with 25% and 24%, respectively.

VETLIVA says: AirHelp is an organization dedicated to protecting human rights. It assists in receiving payments for damage incurred in connection with the transfer of flights, their delays and cancellations.

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