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Belarusian Railway will acquire a mobile application

Belarusian Railway will acquire a mobile application

01.10.2019 Minsk

Good news for those who travel a lot! Soon, Belarusian railway will acquire its own application, which will allow passengers to issue electronic tickets online easily. Gennady Glevitsky, the deputy chief engineer of the Belarusian Railway. He noted that the possibility to buy electronic tickets for trains with unnumbered seats was finalized on the official Belarusian Railway website. City and regional economy class lines are in demand among travellers, and now they can arrange travel in any kind of traffic, for example, if necessary, travel with transfers.

Testing of the mobile application will take place from October 1, among people specially selected for this. It will work on the basis of Android, in the future, it is planned to adapt it for iOS. The application will simplify the process of buying tickets and open new horizons for those who prefer to get acquainted with the sights of Belarus on their own.

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