Belarus and Albania will cooperate in the tourism area

Belarus and Albania will cooperate in the tourism area


Last week, the Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus, Mikhail Portnoy, met with the Deputy Minister of Sport and the Environment of Albania, Adrian Kamenitsa. The representative of Belarus noted that in last years Belarusians have begun to actively explore the resorts of Albania, and therefore I would like the citizens of Albania to discover Belarus  for themselves.

At this stage of relations with the help of specialists in the field of marketing, advertising and PR-technologies it is planned to establish a constant exchange of information.

Albania, in turn, is interested in the experience of Belarus in the construction of sports facilities. Young citizens of Albania will be interested in sports, and the older category will be interested in Belarusian sanatoriums, cultural events and historical monuments.

The European Games 2019 were also presented to delegations from Albania.

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