Authenticity and flavor of Belarus in one video

A touching video about the Blue-eyed was presented by the UNESCO organization for its 75th anniversary. 

On the territory of the country there are 4 objects included in the UNESCO World Heritage List:

  • Belovezhskaya Pushcha

  • Mir Castle

  • Palace and park complex of the Radziwills

  • Struve arc

It is not surprising that these particular sights are considered the most important in Belarus. Both foreigners and locals tend to visit them. By the way, on the website VETLIVA, you can book excursions to these amazing places. Or you can go further and celebrate the New Year in one of them.

As of 2021, 1,154 sites are on the World Heritage List. Among them are cultural, natural and mixed objects that are important for the history and development of all mankind. The purpose of the organization is to preserve, protect and disseminate among the people the knowledge about the sights entrusted to it.

Authenticity and flavor of Belarus in one video