Apart-hotel - a profitable investment

Apart-hotel - a profitable investment


We offer the most reasonable option on which all the experts agree: the most sensible solution for saving investments is to invest in real estate.

Apart-hotel is an exclusive apartment complex, created and built according to a unique project, with its own beach, located 200 meters from the hotel, and a developed infrastructure on the territory of the Belarus sanatorium, including: a dendrological park, an outdoor and an indoor pool, tennis courts, sports grounds and gym, ski-roller track, a full range of medical services, a cafe, private well-equipped beach with an escalator.

For more information about the Apart-hotel you can find out by calling: 8−10−375−17−306−00−57; 8−10−375−29−356−90−03; 8−10−375−29−550−09−52.

Contact phones 8-10-7-862-259-60-02, 8-10-7-862-259-60-12, torgi@ino.by or on the websites:

http://www.sochi-belarus.ru , http://ino.by


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  • Minsk - Starye Vasilishki - Vasilishki - Zheludok - Murovanka - Minsk
  • Without meals
  • Number of hours 13


Recommended improvement

247019, Gomel district, Novaya Guta village , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 359 km
  • Favorable climate and inclusion of natural methods of healing.

Recommended accommodation

, Brest , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 380 km