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The action Clean Forest was held on October 19 in Belarus

The action Clean Forest was held on October 19 in Belarus

21.10.2019 Minsk

The republican voluntary action Clean Forest, dedicated to the Year of the Small Homeland, was held on October 19 in Belarus. In each region of our country were chosen the objects where the problem of garbage collection was the most relevant (for example, recreation areas for people resting in nature). Regional leshozes provided the volunteers with everything they needed — garbage bags, gloves and so on.

Students who took part in the action were given eco-style souvenirs. In addition, the organizers urge all volunteers who are not indifferent to the fate of the Belarusian nature to share photos from the action on social networks (hashtags #Чыстылес2019/#Чистыйлес2019). The most creative of them will be posted on the Ministry of Forestry website and the organization’s official communities on social networks.

Not so long ago a plogging race took place in Minsk. The interest of Belarusians in such events is only growing because they allow us to make the country better!

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