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News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus

12.03.2020 Minsk

The Ministry of Health announced on March 12 that all mass events with international participation will be cancelled in Belarus from March 13 to April 6 in connection with the global coronavirus pa...

10.03.2020 Minsk

This year, German weeks will be held from March 10 to April 30. During this period, you can visit numerous events related to the culture, language and society of Germany.

09.03.2020 Gomel

On March 8, traffic police officers held a congratulatory and preventive action for women drivers, which was called "Marathon of Congratulations for The Auto-Lady".

09.03.2020 Minsk

On February 18, the Space portal announced that an agreement had been signed between SpaceX, a manufacturer of space technology, and Space Adventures, a space tourism company, on flights to the or...

17.12.2019 Minsk

It is planned that Belarusians will start receiving biometric passports and ID cards from January 1, 2021.

22.02.2020 Minsk

On February 22, in honor of defender of the Fatherland Day, analysts of the portal TurStat decided to make a rating of the most courageous cities in Russia and the CIS. 

08.03.2020 Minsk

On March 8, in Minsk, in honor of International Women's Day, 5,000 women will take part in the “Beauty Run” athletics race.

22.02.2020 Minsk

The Belarusian language festival in Minsk "Mova Fest" has attracted more than 10,000 people.


This year, the city of Lida became the 11th city to receive prestigious status - the cultural capital of Belarus. 

18.02.2020 Minsk

In February 2020, the portal TurStat conducted an online survey among Russian tourists about the most romantic cities in Europe. According to the results, Minsk was in the top three cities for roma...


This year it was decided to hold biathlon competitions at the Republican center of Olympic training in winter sports "Raubichi".

22.01.2020 Minsk

The final stage of the UEFA Champions League will be held in Minsk. This decision was made at a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee. Two Spanish and two Russian clubs will take part in the fin...

15.01.2020 Minsk

At the annual congress of the International Hockey Federation, a decision was made to hold the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship in two countries - Belarus and Latvia. Both of them already have exper...


On the eve of the most magical and good holidays, our portal is in a hurry to congratulate you, dear tourists, with New Year 2020 and Christmas!

30.12.2019 Minsk

On December 24, Belavia Airlines honoured the 4 millionth passenger transported in 2019.

27.12.2019 Minsk

An unusual laser installation will be shown on the buildings of Trinity Suburb. Find out when it can be seen.

26.12.2019 Minsk

The five millionth passenger was met with honours at the Minsk National Airport on December 23, 2019.

24.12.2019 Minsk

In the popular vote hosted by the owners of Na dne bar, the theme Belarusian ego won. Find out how the creators of the monument managed to show it when creating the sight.

23.12.2019 Minsk

Bright and colourful Days of national cultures that many people love will now be held in another place. Find out where they will «move».

20.12.2019 Golshany

During the reconstruction of the surrounding territories, the ancient burial ground was found near Golshany Castle.