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News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus

28.05.2021 Myadel

Specialists of the VETLIVA project appeared on television!


Polesie State Radioecological Reserve is a place that clearly demonstrates the triumph of nature over humanity.


Take part in а new competition organized by VETLIVA and receive gifts!

23.05.2021 Grodno

Grodno will be the first Belarusian city to restrict movement on electric scooters.


The local authorities have published a list of places where tourists are allowed to rest and set up tents in the Braslav Lakes National Park in 2021.

14.05.2021 Minsk

The vaccination point was opened in the capital's shopping center on May 8.

14.05.2021 Novopolotsk

The director of the Museum of History and Culture in Novopolotsk tells about the unusual works of art that will soon appear in the museum. 

05.05.2021 Vitebsk

Slavianski Bazaar is a unique Belarusian festival, which is awaited not only by residents of the hosting country, but also by visitors. And, we must say, there are a huge number of them: guests fr...

03.05.2021 Polotsk

During the coronavirus pandemic, many countries closed their borders and minimized contacts with other countries, but Belarus and Russia found safe forms of interaction.

30.04.2021 Minsk

The flights will be operated by Nordwind Airlines. The liners will fly once a week — on Fridays. Travel time will be 1 hour and 15 minutes.

30.04.2021 Minsk

If you wanted but did not have time to attend the festival of Lanterns in Botanical Garden, then you are very lucky — it was extended until May 16.

21.04.2021 Minsk

It will be possible to fly from Minsk to Moscow or back only once a week — on Saturdays.

15.04.2021 Minsk

From April 30, it will be possible to get from Minsk to Moscow or back just in 7 hours, in comfortable conditions and for a reasonable fee.

01.03.2021 Volkovisk

Picturesque but dangerous quarries near Volkovysk, known as the "Belarusian Maldives", have been asking to be opened for tourists for a very long time. Last year, the administration of the Krasnose...

16.02.2021 Minsk

The birth of the style of Soviet modernism is associated with the Khrushchev thaw - then domestic architects began to read specialized magazines and exchange experiences with Western colleagues. So...


The sculptural composition "Coin", reflecting more than a thousand years of the financial history of Belarus, won the "Brand of the Year" competition. The jury awarded this project with a gold medal i...


The Yelnya swamp has 118 lakes and is an important bird area and a key botanical area of ​​international importance. In accordance with the European Union Habitats Directive, more than 75% of the ecos...

07.04.2020 Minsk

Yelnya is the largest raised bog in Belarus, which is more than 9000 years old.The bog has the same area as Minsk. 

27.03.2020 Minsk

Museum "Country Mini" and its employees continue their work no matter what. Many now take care of their own health and take various security measures. The museum also did not stand aside and today...

18.03.2020 Minsk

On March 18, the spokeswoman of the Interior Ministry of Belarus said that the citizenship and migration units of the Internal Affairs Of Belarus will extend the stay of foreign guests in our coun...