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News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus

29.05.2019 Minsk

Since summer, passengers of the No.3300E Central bus station— Minsk National Airport route will be able to purchase a bus ticket by paying with a plastic card.


The Belarusian pearl - Belovezhskaya Pushcha is included in the selection of the most beautiful parks in Europe. Read more below

27.05.2019 Minsk

An exhibition-shop Georgian House will open in the capital, where you can see, try and buy various goods from Georgia


Belstat announced the rating of the most visited museums in the country last year. 2 lists were created. Separately for private and public museums. See ratings below


On May 21, in Mir Castle, there was a presentation of medals that the winners of the II European Games will receive.


During the Slavianski Bazaar an additional train will run to Vitebsk from the capital


Belavia will soon acquire a mobile application with which it will be possible to choose and buy tickets, as well as read OnAir magazine

17.05.2019 Minsk

ATTENTION! Technical work on the site!


Find out how many tourists visited Belarus without a visa


Tourist potential of Belarus presented at Arabian Travel Market

14.05.2019 Minsk

ATTENTION! Technical work on the site!

14.05.2019 Mogilev

Since May, Mogilev began work on a project to install stands with information about the disappeared architectural monuments. Learn more below

13.05.2019 Minsk

Representatives of Minsk and Tashkent met to discuss the further development of relations. Read on for details

11.05.2019 Grodno

From April 29 to May 6, a record number of visa-free tourists visited Grodno. Read the details

04.05.2019 Minsk

This year, the Ministry of Defense will give a salute to Victory Day from 5 points. Learn where to watch fireworks in Minsk


Invest your money profitably, read more details

04.05.2019 Grodno

Since January 2019, Grodno has been visited by more than 30 thousand visa-free tourists, which more than doubled last year’s figure for the same period


For the convenience of clients, an online consultant has appeared on the website’s sanatorium section, read for more details

03.05.2019 Mir

Two cats, the Earl and the Prince, were recruited to work in the Mir Castle. Employment plan to formalize. Read the details below

02.05.2019 Minsk

Minsk Museum Quarter is planned to open by the beginning of May 2020. Learn more