News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus

07.10.2019 Minsk

The Vienna Ball with A1 in Kupalovsky will be held in Minsk in December. Youth from 16 to 26 years old are invited to participate in it absolutely free.

04.10.2019 Minsk

In mid-September, artists began painting the last mural for Vulica Brazil festival. It was completed not long ago. 

03.10.2019 Minsk

Self-service terminals, which will allow travelers to buy train tickets of regional economy-class lines and city lines independently, will soon be installed at the regions of Belarus.

02.10.2019 Minsk

The Ministry of Transport intends to introduce a visa-free regime at Belarusian regional airports for tourists

01.10.2019 Minsk

Belarusian Railway soon will have its own mobile application. It will allow people to purchase electronic train tickets easily. The mobile application is promised to be launched before the end of ...

27.09.2019 Minsk

Thanks to the visa-free regime, residents of many countries have an opportunity to get acquainted with our country. Find out where do they come from.

25.09.2019 Minsk

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Signs Decree No. 351 On Staying at the Border Territory, which frees foreigners from having to pay state fees

24.09.2019 Minsk

It is well known that planes, like trains, do not wait for anyone. Find out how often Belarusians are late for their flight

23.09.2019 Minsk

Sanatorium-resort rest in Belarus is invariably popular among Russians. Find out which sanatoriums they book in the fall

19.09.2019 Minsk

The National Bank invites schoolchildren to be the first to visit the updated exposition in one of the most interesting museums in Minsk

18.09.2019 Minsk

A visa-free regime makes Belarus a popular destination for tourism. Find out how to attract visitors from Austria

17.09.2019 Minsk

One of the most picturesque areas of Minsk reconstruction will begin soon. Read what will change in the next two years.

16.09.2019 Minsk

For the period from January to August 2019, passenger traffic at Minsk National Airport increased by 12%

13.09.2019 Minsk

Do you like traveling and getting nice bonuses? Know how to do it with VETLIVA loyalty program!

12.09.2019 Minsk

A new metro train work schedule has been approved, because of the approaching City Day

11.09.2019 Gomel

Excursion routes that allow people to get acquainted with production technologies are planned to be developed in Gomel

10.09.2019 Minsk

Due to plenty various events, citizens of 74 countries will be able to visit Belarus without opening a visa.

09.09.2019 Vitebsk

Now you can take a five-hour walk along the Dvina on the motor ships Northern Capital and Vitebsk

05.09.2019 Brest

The second BrestHalfMarathon will be held as a part of the celebration of Brest’s Millennium. About 700 professional runners and nonprofessionals are expected to attend.


On September 21 and 22 at the national Belarusian park, it will be possible to plunge into the fairy-tale world of Belarusian folklore