News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus


In the village of Zyabki, the Glubokoe district, an unusual estate with a clownarium for little artists will appear. 


Ukrainian authorities said they are going to start creating three tourist sites in Pripyat in the near future. A museum in honor of a Soviet fire-fighter-hero will appear in his apartment. ...


After Belarus was added to the red list, the communication between Israel and the blue-eyed was minimized. 


VETLIVA together with the tour operator CENTREKURORT announces a new competition!

23.08.2021 Minsk

Due to the high demand for the service, the laboratory moved to a new work schedule.


The facility is located on the picturesque shore of Lake Gorodischenskoye. The complex was named Silence. 


Foreigners who have done a course of vaccination against coronavirus may not do a PCR test for COVID-19 and not comply with the self-isolation regime after arrival in Belarus.


An unusual vacation among the lilac ocean of lavender is offered in the Gomel region.


In the Brest region, a tourist destination based on unique local traditions will be developed.


The deputies are preparing amendments to the law on Tourism for the second reading. We will tell you what the main provisions are.


We are honoring the winners of the joint competition organized by VETLIVA and the Belorusneft filling station network

29.07.2021 Miory

A new cycling route will soon appear not far from the Yelnya republican reserve in the Miorsky region.

28.07.2021 Minsk

Within a month and a half, it will be possible to reach Belarus by direct flight from Bishkek, Tbilisi and Cherepovets.


In Belarus, the term of self-isolation has been changed for those in contact with patients infected with Covid-19.

24.07.2021 Brest

Reconstruction of the Kossovsky castle in Brest is near completion. It became known that an iron museum appeared on the ground floor of the palace.

13.07.2021 Vitebsk

An information center has appeared in Vitebsk, where you can learn more about the city and its attractions, check the opening hours of museums and shopping centers.

13.07.2021 Brest

Local authorities have figured out how to make the Polesie more attractive for tourists.


A third of the summer is over, and the borders are still closed. But there is good news: the weather in Belarus is excellent and there are no less interesting places for recreation than in Europe!

08.07.2021 Brest

By the fall of 2021, a new tourist route for kayaking on the Mukhavets River will appear in the Brest region.

02.07.2021 Minsk

In-country tourism is now especially popular. Moreover, the weather in Belarus is now no worse than in southern countries.