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News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus

13.07.2021 Vitebsk

An information center has appeared in Vitebsk, where you can learn more about the city and its attractions, check the opening hours of museums and shopping centers.

13.07.2021 Brest

Local authorities have figured out how to make the Polesie more attractive for tourists.


A third of the summer is over, and the borders are still closed. But there is good news: the weather in Belarus is excellent and there are no less interesting places for recreation than in Europe!

08.07.2021 Brest

By the fall of 2021, a new tourist route for kayaking on the Mukhavets River will appear in the Brest region.

02.07.2021 Minsk

In-country tourism is now especially popular. Moreover, the weather in Belarus is now no worse than in southern countries.


Do you like to travel, try new things and are not afraid to share discoveries and emotions? Then a new joint competition from VETLIVA, the guide to Belarus, and the Belorusneft gas station networ...


June 2021 turned out to be extremely hot. While Belhydromet records another excess of temperature standards and carefully predicts the weather for the coming days, Belarusians and guests of our countr...


How do the participants of our photo contest see Belarus? Benevolent, bright, pacifying, dynamic, mesmerizing ... Each photo sent to us ( there were more than 400 of them!) opened Belarus from the oth...

17.06.2021 Logoisk

Closed borders have puzzled many people: the choice of vacation spots has significantly narrowed. But fundamentally new directions appeared. One of them is the Summer in Silichi program by CENTREKUROR...


35 years after the Chernobyl accident, tourists can visit the resettlement zone. We will explain why you should sign up for an excursion to the Polesie Radiation Reserve.

10.06.2021 Minsk

Due to the difficulties in air communication between the countries, the National Agency created a round-the-clock direct line.


The Victory Train is a unique museum dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.


Based on the data of the National Statistical Committee, we will list the most often visited by Belarusians and guests of the country museums.

28.05.2021 Myadel

Specialists of the VETLIVA project appeared on television!


Polesie State Radioecological Reserve is a place that clearly demonstrates the triumph of nature over humanity.


Take part in а new competition organized by VETLIVA and receive gifts!

23.05.2021 Grodno

Grodno will be the first Belarusian city to restrict movement on electric scooters.


The local authorities have published a list of places where tourists are allowed to rest and set up tents in the Braslav Lakes National Park in 2021.

14.05.2021 Minsk

The vaccination point was opened in the capital's shopping center on May 8.

14.05.2021 Novopolotsk

The director of the Museum of History and Culture in Novopolotsk tells about the unusual works of art that will soon appear in the museum.