News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus

26.11.2018 Minsk

The winner of Eurovision 2018 is a girl from Poland.

25.11.2018 Minsk

Minsk is on the 1st place in the top of the best cities for the autumn holidays among Russians.


An exposition dedicated to the life of people from the late Bronze Age – the early Iron Age is built in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.


Voting for the best tourist brand of the country has began! 


In honor of the 100th anniversary the functionality in the pavilions of the organization "Belsoyuzpechat" will be completely updated.


As if bird fauna in Belarus is rather diverse, it was decided to launch a special free training course on birdwatching.

18.11.2018 Grodno

The floor in the Kolozhskaya church of Grodno will be made completely transparent so that visitors can see the underground ruins.

15.11.2018 Minsk

A special “guest card” with which you can get special bonuses during the II European Games will be issued on December 1st.


Analytical agency "TourStat" presented the top-10 of Granfather's Frost from the CIS countries. Belarusian Grandfather took 1st place!

12.11.2018 Minsk

The closer the New Year, the longer the shopping list! The shopping centers "Scala" and "Green City" invites to implement it on the New Year market.

09.11.2018 Minsk

Finally, the cost of tickets for the II European Games in Minsk is known! In addition, there is information that will especially interest the guests of the country!

08.11.2018 Minsk

The annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be held in Minsk! Learn about the stage design, the leading competition and the history of the creation of symbolism right now!

07.11.2018 Minsk

Love to be photographed and share unique pictures in social networks? Now you have a special place for this!

25.10.2018 Minsk

A significant replenishment is expected in the national collection of works by artists of the legendary Paris School — natives of Belarusian townships: the Still Life by the brilliant master of Montpa...

24.10.2018 Minsk

According to Lonely Planet Belarus ranks 8th in the ranking of countries for traveling in 2019. 

23.10.2018 Minsk

The procedure for selling tickets to competitions was approved, as well as at the opening and closing ceremonies of the II European Games, which will be held from 21 to 30 June 2019 in Minsk. ...

17.10.2018 Minsk

Minsk entered the top three of the cleanest cities in the rating of the American Internet resource The Street.

07.10.2018 Minsk

An ecotrail in the Kurasovschina region and in the Sokolyny reserve has appeared in early October.

05.10.2018 Minsk

In 2022 Belarus will be the organizer of the World Chess Olympiad.

02.10.2018 Minsk

This autumn the most popular city for travel was Minsk. This is reported by the analytical agency Turstat.