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News about tourism in Belarus

News about tourism in Belarus

16.10.2021 Brest

An unusual bench has appeared on the embankment of the Mukhavets River in Brest.


Belarus has become a favorite vacation spot for tourists from Russia.

07.10.2021 Ivanovo

A whole park of historical miniatures has been created in the center of Ivanovo. 


On October 23, the estates of the Borisov region will open their doors for guests. 5 farmsteads participate in the action. Each has its own visitor program.


Data on vaccinations against coronavirus and past disease will be added to the popular application Traveling without COVID-19. Moreover, this information will come straight from the national infor...


As promised, on September 27, on World Tourism Day, VETLIVA and the tour operator CENTREKURORT are ready to announce the winners of the competition How I spent my vacation in Belarus.

22.09.2021 Minsk

A laboratory, where one can be tested for coronavirus infection, appeared at the Central bus station in the capital. 


It is now possible to enter Belarus without a visa not only through the Minsk National Airport. Alexander Lukashenko signed a special decree on September 14.


In the Berezovsky district of the Brest region, a new route for kayaking will appear. Tourists will be offered a boat ride on the Yaselda River.


From September 21, all restrictions imposed by Russia on flights to Belarus will be removed. On September 9, the presidents of the two countries agreed on this at a face-to-face meeting.

08.09.2021 Brest

The Belarusian Railway launched a night train, which runs from Moscow to Brest and back.


In the village of Zyabki, the Glubokoe district, an unusual estate with a clownarium for little artists will appear. 


Ukrainian authorities said they are going to start creating three tourist sites in Pripyat in the near future. A museum in honor of a Soviet fire-fighter-hero will appear in his apartment. ...


After Belarus was added to the red list, the communication between Israel and the blue-eyed was minimized. 


VETLIVA together with the tour operator CENTREKURORT announces a new competition!

23.08.2021 Minsk

Due to the high demand for the service, the laboratory moved to a new work schedule.


The facility is located on the picturesque shore of Lake Gorodischenskoye. The complex was named Silence. 


Foreigners who have done a course of vaccination against coronavirus may not do a PCR test for COVID-19 and not comply with the self-isolation regime after arrival in Belarus.


An unusual vacation among the lilac ocean of lavender is offered in the Gomel region.


In the Brest region, a tourist destination based on unique local traditions will be developed.