100-kilometer kayaking route will appear in the Brest region

By the fall of 2021, a new tourist route for kayaking on the Mukhavets River will appear in the Brest region.

During the trip, tourists will visit four districts: Brest, Zhabinsky, Drogichinsky and Kobrin. The length of the tour route is 100 kilometers.

The starting point is the village of Belin in the Drogichin region. A kayak tourism and rental center has already been built in the village. Here tourists will be offered to rent all the necessary things: from kayaks and tents to binoculars. Those who prefer a more relaxed vacation can ride along the Mukhavets on a multi-seater catamaran.

In the village of Selishche, which is also located in the Drogichin region, a 20-meter tower is being erected. From the hill, you can admire a beautiful view of the surrounding area, including the Zvanets reserve.

Despite the fact that the route is designed for 100 kilometers, tourists will be able to choose a shorter variant. For example, they will be able to swim only from Belin village to Selishche ( approximately 15 kilometers long), then go ashore, relax, see the sights, visit the nearby estates and then move on. Special parking for these purposes will be arranged by the river.

100-kilometer kayaking route will appear in the Brest region