Slutsk Belts

Slytsk, Tutarinova str., 16

A remarkable page in the history of Slutsk was inscribed in the second half of the XVIII-first half of the XIX century, when the manufacture of belts was established at the manufactory owned by the Radzivils.

Today the factory produces a wide range of products:

  • garments (national clothes, blankets and pillows, table and bed sets);
  • Woven products (bedspreads, blankets, tablecloths, towels, scarves, scarves);
  • souvenir products (copies of slutsk belts, panels, soft toys, decorative dolls).

In the production of slutsk belts, natural silk, threads with gold and silver content, as well as "izamet" and polyester-metallic threads are used. Belt length 3.5 meters, width - 33 centimeters.

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