Made in Belarus

Glybokoe, st.Dzerzhinsky, 19/2

Dragee "Cranberry in powdered sugar" - a traditional Belarusian souvenir.

Bobruisk, st. Bakharov, 145

JSC "Krasny Pishiverik" is a modern confectionery enterprise of the Republic of Belarus, with its tradition and rich history.


The enterprise "Molochnyy gostinets" is a high-tech producer of whole-milk, sour-milk and other products according to unique recipes from the best, natural raw materials.

Pinsk , Industrialnaya str., 1

"Pinsk meat-packing plant" is the first of all enterprises of the meat industry - was awarded the title of laureate of the Government of the Republic of Belarus Prize in the field of quality. ...

Radoshkovichi, Sovetskaya str., 12

Ceramic products are distinguished by a combination of traditional style with modern methods of making and decorating.

Slytsk, Tutarinova str., 16

Slutsk factory of art products is one of the largest enterprises of art crafts in Belarus.

Bobruisk, Gogolya str., 44a

The Bobruisk factory of artistic products specializes in the production of consumer goods, constantly produces purposeful work to improve the quality and competitiveness of the products.

Slonim, Brestskaya str., 40

Specializes in the production of garments (clothing, bed and table linens) and souvenirs (wood carvings, landscape design elements, furniture)

Mozir, Leninskaya str., 25

The products of the factory are a fusion of traditions of folk art, achievements of modern decorative and applied art and individual contribution of artists.

Gomel, Gagarina str., 38

The factory produces about 400 kinds of products with artistic machine embroidery and additional finishing by hand embroidery.

Pinsk , Fedotova str., 11

Factory of art products "Krynitsa Palessia" in Pinsk specializes in the production of woven handicrafts, as well as clothing.

Minsk, Kiseleva str., 40

"Scarbnitsa" is a scientific and production republican unitary enterprise of Belarusian folk crafts for more than 30 years has been manufacturing products that are the visiting card of the Republi...

Minsk, Promyshlenny lane, 11

"Furniture Interior Center" is a Belarusian company that occupies a leading position in the market of elite furniture and exclusive interiors made of wood.

Minsk, Zakharova str., 36

The main producer of folk crafts and souvenirs in Belarus.

Minsk, Minsk, st.Trostenetskaya 5

Company «Elema» - is a large and successful enterprise for the production of clothing, with a history of over 80 years.

Minsk, Nezavisimosti ave, 95

Minsk watch factory is the only enterprise in Belarus producing time devices and one of the few enterprises of the Soviet industry, which has preserved the full cycle of production of mechanical watch...

Brest, st. Yanka Kupala, 118

JSC "Savushkin Product" is a dairy enterprise of the Republic of Belarus.

Minsk, st. Goloded, 31-2

Functional, practical, stylish and about Minsk.

Gomel, st. Chernihiv, 22 "B", building №2

History of the plant "Crystal" begins with the first Belarusian diamond that was cut 27 December 1972.