By train

Rail transport is one of the most reliable and affordable options for travel. Trains link Belarus with many countries of Europe and CIS. Rhythmic clatter of wheels, pleasant service conductor, is that not a great start of the holidays in Belarus?

You can come to Belarus by train from almost any major city of Europe and CIS. The route network inside the country covers more than 2 100 locations. There are 21 major railway stations with good infrastructure and range of services for passengers.

Train station in Minsk is located at the address Privokzalnaya square, 3.

Telephone for information – 105. Reservation of seats on trains – 151.


Passenger transport provides the Belarusian railroad. Check the schedule and purchase tickets on the Internet and at ticket offices at the stations.

Today, the railway passenger transport is done through the following types of transport connection:

Urban lines – transportation within the city of Minsk, the regional center and beyond, but no further railway stations (stopping points) located in the satellite towns.

The regional lines of transport within the administrative borders of the region and beyond to the train stations (stopping points) located near the city of regional subordination in a related field, but not beyond its regional center.

Interregional lines — transportation between the city of Minsk and regional centers also between regional centers.

International lines transport between the Republic of Belarus and other States.

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