Trattoria "Marconi"

Gomel, 4 Victory Avenue

Kitchen: Italian


Trattoria "Marconi" is a new institution where you can enjoy delicious food and have a great time with friends, family or alone with a delicious Italian dish.

The institution is located on Victory Avenue and is already ready to delight visitors with its culinary works. The interior is made in calm colors, fresh hay behind, warm light of lamps, "seasons" in cans and original decorations fill the cafe with cosiness and home warmth. The highlight of the establishment is its bar counter, for the decoration of which took a lot of kilograms of Belarusian and Italian pasta (more than a dozen varieties).

The menu includes main dishes, breakfasts and lunches. There is also the world-famous Italian pizza.

In the trattoria you will be surrounded by a delicate attention and care.

Trattoria "Marconi": fresh Italian note in the gastronomic life of Gomel.


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