Fast food restaurant "Shawarma Mazaj"


Kitchen: Mediterranean


In the shopping center "Galileo" near the station is a good food court. Here you can quickly have a snack by choosing a kitchen from several offered. Among them Gaining popularity in the strid-fuda "Shaurma Mazazh", which focuses on the sale of a dish of Arab origin - Shawarma. Of course, this shawarma can not be called a full-fledged dish. Rather, it is a light snack that satisfies hunger and saturates the body. But not always from the meal in the "Shawarma mazaj" you get pleasure: it is simple and to the taste and filling depends on the mood of the one who cooks it. On the interior can not speak: the food court he and the "Galileo" food court: tables-racks with high hard chairs, closely placed places. What can save a place is the view from the panoramic window to the busy street, which does not stop for a minute. Although it is unlikely that even this can smooth out the taste of food.

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