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Restaurant “Old traditions”

Restaurant “Old traditions”


Kitchen: European


Every nation, every family, like every person, has its own traditions. Some are new, others last for centuries, but it is they who can help in difficult times and give a feeling of comfort. This is the feeling that visitors experience when visiting the “Old Traditions” restaurant in Minsk. Here, in a wonderful atmosphere, you will not be disturbed by flashy details - the restaurant's interior is made in a classic, seasoned style and soft brown and beige tones. You will be able to feel the heat in the winter cold or you can hide from the scorching sun on the terrace in summer.

The menu of the restaurant “Old traditions” is also a piece of history. Here they adhere to traditional dishes of the Belarusian cuisine and treat guests with national drinks. You can have a hearty lunch or dinner at reasonable prices. Guests will be surprised by variety of dishes. In this you can notice another tradition - to constantly surprise your guests with something new and better.

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