Restaurant "Mazaj"

Minsk, Minsk, Ave Dzerzhinsky, 5

Kitchen: Mediterranean


The East has always fascinated with its mystery, luxury and morals. The premium restaurant "Mazazh" is one of the rare places in the city where you will be helped to penetrate all the great secrets of this region. The restaurant inside is like a Sultan's palace from the "Thousand and One Nights", it is filled with exquisite utensils: in the middle of the hall there is a fountain, on the walls there are frescoes with views of the great Palmyra; The look constantly stops at handmade furniture, picturesque Arab arches and accessories made of clay and copper. The menu of the institution will surprise with unfamiliar names, but the essence and history of each of the dishes will be explained by a knowledgeable waiter.
"Mazaj" observes shatam halal - the refusal of pork.

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