Restaurant "Dubrov"

Restaurant "Dubrov"

Raubichi village Yantarnaya, 2

Kitchen: Russian, European


"Dubrov" - a restaurant that is filled with home comfort and warmth of the soul of each of its creators. The birth of this institution is associated with friendly relations between Moscow and Belarus restaurateurs, which eventually resulted in a proposal that was conceptually new for Belarus.
When creating the restaurant "Dubrov" was paid a lot of attention to every detail. That is why the institution is distinguished by a relaxing atmosphere with its inimitable breath. The countryside privacy of the restaurant is complemented by a cozy modern interior with elements of stylistics of the early 20th century.
The menu of the restaurant "Dubrov" is presented in the form of old Russian European cuisine. The chef of the institution was trained by his Moscow colleagues, experts in the field of Old Russian cuisine with impregnations of modern trends. In this case, each dish in "Dubrov" is made with the author's interpretation. Among the firm offers Olivier with duck and quail eggs, Russian salad with warm potatoes and salmon, tender chicken pâté on toast with jam from onions, rustic dumplings with truffle buttermilk molding and much more. When composing an alcohol card, the emphasis is on wine and author's cocktails.

Restaurant "Dubrov" - for those who understand.

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