Restaurant "Chinatown"

Restaurant "Chinatown"

Minsk, Minsk, Kulman, 11

Kitchen: Chinese


Chinese Restaurant "China Town" - a hospitable corner of ancient China in the center of modern Minsk! Here you can try what you wanted for a long time, but were afraid to start ... Chinese cuisine, having an ancient history and enjoying fame all over the world, is one of the important components of the brilliant Chinese civilization. It attracts with its usefulness, exoticism and simplicity of cooking. Cooking was considered to be an art in China, it was always taken seriously to prepare food. In China, there is no concept of "snack" - it is believed that food is sent to people by the sky, so every meal is an event. The Chinese eat slowly, gradually, enjoying the taste. For Chinese cuisine is characterized by a wealth of assortment, high skill of cooks and cooks. Obligatory requirements are: careful selection of products, fine processing, mastery of the skill to regulate the strength of fire so that the dishes get the right flavor, taste and nutritional value. Chinese cuisine is, first and foremost, the art of a cook. The variety of dishes and their special taste is achieved through various ways of processing the products and mixing them. Our chefs are high-class professionals, who can create unprecedented combinations of tastes. It respects the best traditions of Chinese cuisine - a strict combination of yin and yang and the harmony of the tastes and aromas that are not harmonized at European level. Despite the undoubtedly high level, the restaurant has a democratic price policy. Some dishes are designed for several people, so dinner in terms of the company will be very inexpensive.

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