Restaurant Chalet Greenwood

Restaurant Chalet Greenwood

Beloye Ozero

Kitchen: Belarusian, Italian


Countryside complex Greenwood is an amazing place in the country where you can stay in comfortable rooms or just eat at a restaurant. The institution is located outside the city in the village of Beloye Ozero. Around the amazing nature of Belarus. The interior of the country complex is designed in classic style.

The restaurant serves modern Italian and Belarusian cuisine, as well as creative dishes. Recipes and cooking are coordinated with authoritative Italian chef Alesio Moise, as well as with leading Belarusian chefs. The menu of Chalet Greenwood is exquisite and varied. It has vegetarian, dietary and children's meals, fresh juices, fresh pastries.

In the institution you can hold the celebrations. Restaurant capacity up to 100 people.

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