Braslav Lakes Restaurant

Braslav Lakes Restaurant

Braslav, 53 Leninskaya Street

Kitchen: Belarusian, European


Braslav Lakes are considered one of the most famous sights of Belarus. There are a lot of water areas on the territory of the country, but the Braslav Lakes have rightly deserved the leading position in the list of the most beautiful and clean. It is in the Vitebsk region, at one of the lakes, that the Braslav Lakes Hotel is located, ready to open its doors for tourists from abroad, as well as Belarusians who dream of discovering Belarus, because the complex offers not just a holiday in a country hotel, adhering to the highest standards of service. Arriving here, you will have the opportunity to choose the type of accommodation, from standard rooms, to rest in bungalows or cabins.
A special place in the infrastructure of the tourist complex near Vitebsk is the restaurant. The restaurant on the Braslav lakes employs professional chefs who are happy to offer you a variety of dishes not only of Belarusian cuisine, but also European. Here you can quickly eat, drink a cup of tea or coffee, have breakfast or lunch, and organize a real feast, celebrate the festivity in a festive atmosphere. Cooks prepare for you as traditional dishes of meat, fish, first courses and desserts, and will surprise with their skill, presenting masterpieces from the chef.
The restaurant is located near the lake, and the view, which opens from its windows, will make your rest truly peaceful and harmonious. The nature of these places will be tuned to the right wave and will help to regain the strength and energy spent somewhere in the labyrinths of the metropolis. If you decide to celebrate a holiday in a restaurant in Braslav, it will be an excellent opportunity for all your guests not just to have a delicious dinner, but also to get some fresh air, to admire the local nature.
Rest in a restaurant in Braslav - it's always tasty, beautiful, unforgettable!

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