Cafe "Red Kleн"

Minsk, ul. Cosmonauts, 29

Kitchen: European


Cafe «Red klen» is located in a quiet area, away from city noise and bustle. A spacious main hall for 100 people makes the cafe suitable for any solemn events in your life. A large summer terrace with a capacity of 80 people allows you to relax in the open air of a large and noisy company. Holidays in "Red Maple" are accompanied by professional DJs, leading and cover bands. Based on the name, we can assume that the main color in the institution is red. So it really is. Color balance is preserved, thanks to a competent combination of milk and chocolate shades and stylish bright red details in the interior. "Red klen" will satisfy the most diverse gastronomic needs of guests. The menu combines cuisines from different countries of the world, adapted to Belarusian taste preferences.

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