Coffee house "Utopia 60"

Minsk, Lenina, 9

Kitchen: European

Coffe House

The coffee house "Utopia 60" is a conceptual place stylized for the 1960s, where the interior is thought out with amazing design elements. The concept of "Utopia 60" is tied to the aesthetics of the 60's: space, Gagarin, The Beatles, arthouse, Warhol, rounded forms in the interior. It turned out very cozy: a quiet, old, but well-groomed apartment.

In the menu - coffee and milkshakes, and things like coffee-ginger ale or coffee-cherry compote. Desserts are poultry milk, eclairs, Kiev cake.

In the coffee house there are two halls with 35 seats, in the small hall, there are shows of old films.

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