Cafe «Citadel»

Brest, Brest Fortress

Kitchen: Belarusian, Russian, European


Cafe «Citadel» is a real gastronomic city located on the territory of the Brest Fortress memorial complex. The cafe boasts nine halls for visitors, among which there is a bar, a banquet hall and a summer hall.

«Citadel» can surprise you with original branded cuisine. Our chefs create real culinary masterpieces: a variety of salads, peasant sausage, roast, draniki, dishes from fish and meat, a huge selection of desserts - everyone will find something that he likes and likes. Among the additional services of our cafe - pre-orders for any culinary and confectionery products, comprehensive service of outreach activities, organization of receptions.

We take care of every client and make sure that he receives only the most professional service. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our cafe!

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