Cafe "Terra pizza"

Cafe "Terra pizza"

Minsk, Minsk, ul. Melezh 1

Kitchen: Belarusian, Italian, European


"Terra pizza" is a network of pizzerias that differ in their interiors, but in each cafe they serve only delicious food.

When here they prepare dishes of Italian, traditional European and Belarusian cuisine, they do not save on the quality of products - this is a matter of image and principle.

It is convenient for the whole family to come here on weekends, on weekdays to run for a quality lunch menu, to feel romance with coffee and dessert and, of course, have fun with a friendly company with live beer.

The concept of "Terra pizza" - a quality lunch menu, friendly service, branded pizza, draft beer, the zone of the cafe is smoke-free.

Addresses of pizzerias: Pobediteley Avenue 119; Melezha Street 1 (Business Center "Parus"); Zhilunovicha Street 15; Nezavisimosti Avenue 186; Burdeyny Street 13; Nezavisimosti Avenue 83.


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