Cafe "Swayaki"

Brest, 5 Pushkinskaya Street

Kitchen: Russian


"Swayaki" - a cafe that is famous for its hospitality. The idea to open a café with national cuisine in Brest was born to the owner of the "Swayaki" long ago. It was successfully implemented in November 2010. The mother of the owner of the house shared the recipes. Probably, that's why the menu turned out so delicious, soulful and native! In it, a great variety of dishes from potatoes - draniki, sorcerers, drachena, casseroles and granny, as well as all kinds of pots, meat dishes, soups according to folk recipes, salads. In the "Swayaki" a variety of wine and cocktail cards, fresh draft beer. Add to this the friendly staff and the wonderful atmosphere created by the colorful interior.

Wait in the "Swayaki" of the visitors for a delicious hearty lunch from 12:00 to 15:00.

"Swayaki" - a cafe for relatives!

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