Cafe «Sky House»

Cafe «Sky House»

Minsk district Borovoe

Kitchen: Belarusian, Caucasian, European


Dimensional rest, coupled with excellent cuisine - the dream of any citizen. And it will be realized in the restaurant "Sky house". Entering here, you will immediately feel the atmosphere of tranquility and coziness.

"Sky house" is located in a picturesque place near Minsk. A spacious area around the main building of the restaurant allows you to expand the possibilities of your holiday. For example, right here you can conduct an on-site marriage ceremony.

If you want to better understand how and from what all the dishes are prepared, imagine a great home cooking, on which the whole family is engaged in a favorite business. Yes, that's right, the chef "Sky house" is one big friendly Armenian family. Perhaps, thanks to this, the dishes turn out to be so perfect and incomparable.

"Sky house" also invites you to relax in one of the banquet halls with a capacity of 100 and 200 people. The restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner, a large corporate event, a wedding, an anniversary and any other big holiday.

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