Cafe "Pie-pizza" - it's time to enjoy!

Stolin, 38 Tereshkova Street

Kitchen: European


"Pie-pizza" is the most modern cafe in Stolin where you can enjoy the taste of amazingly prepared dishes, the queen among them is pizza, and also have a great time!
In "Pie-pizza" they offer:

* All dishes are prepared from environmentally friendly products.
* Comprehensive lunches.
* For connoisseurs of real tea (12 species!) And coffee (12 types!), You are offered your favorite drinks from a special collection.
* According to preliminary requests, three meals a day are arranged for you.
* Well, the counter of the cafe is pizza. All the pizza is cooked on the spot with fresh products.
* Lenten dishes, including lenten pizza, here will be served at the request of the client!

Here are just some of the culinary masterpieces. Already want to try? Then hurry up to the cafe!

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