Cafe "PizzaNizza"

Gomel, 21 Olympic Street

Kitchen: Mediterranean


The main rule of "PizzaNizza"- food should be enjoyed!

You can order pizza at home or in the office, each bite of which will be filled with a delicious aroma, real sushi, rolls, gunkans, nigiri, poppies, high quality side dishes, soft drinks and juices.

Each pizza from "PizzaNizza" starts with an original handmade test, filled with generous portions of meat ingredients, juicy vegetables, aromatic natural spices and 100% mozzarella.

The menu of "PizzaNizza" includes a huge assortment of conventional and baked rolls, complex rolls, poppies, nigiri, gunkana, a variety of sushi sets in the best traditions of Japanese cuisine. The dishes include useful algae, rice, vegetables, tender fish fillets, caviar, fruit, sesame. At low fat content, culinary delicacies well satisfy hunger and improve mood.

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