Ice-cream "33 penguin"

Minsk, Minsk, ul. Vladislav Dove 2

Kitchen: European


"33 penguins" - the largest network of ice cream parlors and desserts. We will be able to taste 70 varieties of ice cream, pastries, desserts, drinks, which are created on their own production from real, quality products.

1. Vladislav Golubka Street 2, 2nd floor (shopping center "Bonus")

2. Goretsky Street 2, a shopping avenue near the cafe "Garage" (TC "Hippo")

3. Dzerzhinsky Avenue 106 1 floor (shopping center "Magnet")

4. Kuprevich Street 2-in (BC "EPAM", brand-showcase)

5. Nalibok Street 1 (Shopping center "Karavan")

6. Denisovskaya Street 8, 2-nd floor (shopping center "E-City")

7. Kamennogorsk Street 3 (Shopping center "Prostor")

8. Zhukov Avenue 44 (Shopping Center "OUTLETO")

9. P. Glebki Street 5, 1 floor (SC "Skala")

10. Partizansky Avenue 150A (Shopping Center "Momo", brand-showcase)

11. International Street 23 (Healthy food restaurant GREEN CUISINE)

12. Pobediteley Avenue 84 (Arena City Shopping Center)

13. Nemiga Street 3 (Handmade chocolate shop) (Nemiga-3 shopping center)

14. Beach No. 2 (the Tsjana Reservoir)

15. V. Khoruzhey Street 1a (TC "Silhouette")

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