Cafe of Belarusian national cuisine "Batkova Khata"

Vitebsk, 61 Lenin Street

Kitchen: Belarusian


Cafe of Belarusian national cuisine "Batkova Khata" is working on a convenient and successful format of fast free-flow service.

The interior of the cafe is made in the traditional style of a country cottage for Belarus - large wooden tables, chairs, linen tablecloths, woven rugs and lots of light.

The menu mainly dishes of Belarusian cuisine, and they have the corresponding names: dumplings, pancakes, "Selyanskaya" carpenter, grandmother with cracklings, chops and much more. Many of them are prepared according to old national recipes. The bread of own production deserves special attention. All kinds of bakery products are served directly from the bakery yet warm and fragrant.

The cafe has its own chip in drinks: visitors are encouraged to create the desired beverage from the "blanks" with natural ingredients: berry, basil, ginger and sea-buckthorn.

The cafe makes a special emphasis on the pricing policy of its café. Here you can eat deliciously and hearty for a little money - an appetizing lunch just will not hit the pocket of any guest.

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