Café "Ale House"

Mogilev, 61 Leninskaya Street

Kitchen: German


 "Ale House" cafe is a stylized institution that completely conveys the special famous atmosphere of Irish beer houses and stands out for its own highlight in both the interior and the menu.

This place is also great for a person who wants to relax with a round foam drink from England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium or the Czech Republic, and for a company of friends who come to talk and have a tasty meal.

The menu is based on the famous Irish and German dishes: stew with lamb and potatoes, steaks from marbled beef, broccoli trout, pork, duck, chicken and lamb dishes, specialties - salted salmon with hot potatoes and pickled onions, German salad with mustard dressing and tongue, pork knuckle with Bavarian cabbage and mashed potatoes, as well as excellent snacks - sharp cheese croutons and cheese dumplings.

In the cafe "Ale House" you will be surrounded by the attention of the staff and will be able to have a great time on any day of the week.

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