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Bar "Insomnia" - these are right nights. The concept of bar "Insomnia" is that when a person visits another country in another time zone and the so-called jet lag effect occurs, the boundaries of day and night are erased and you fall out of the usual current of the day, so you may want to drink a cocktail during the day or high-grade to eat at night.

The menu of bar "Insomnia" is small in size but it includes a full range of European cuisine. You can try some dishes of French cuisine, Italian and Belarusian. The breakfast menu operates on weekdays from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. and on Saturday and Sunday and you can have breakfast at any time, depending on what the mental time of the day is at the guest's place.

Every detail in the interior is carefully thought out: funny sleeping faces, printed on cushions, small tables with newspaper clippings and open books, funny hanging lamps in the form of sleeping caps - everything creates a unique image of the bar.

The team of  Bar "Insomnia" was carefully selected: the best barmen, experienced waiters.

Go to the bar at any time for any purpose!

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