Bar "Heroes"

Minsk, Minsk, ul. Kozlov, 3

Kitchen: European

Bars and Pubs

Bar "Heroes" has its own unique charm. Dark colors immerse in the atmosphere of reflection. It is an ideal place for connoisseurs of quality and prestige. Quotations of famous people and their portraits are stretched along the walls. It is impossible not to linger around the "table of Mendeleev", where, for example, Te - tequila. Large heavy lamps of dark chocolate color envelop the evening with a riddle of muffled light. In the shelves in each individual cell behind the glass are various refined beverages. In the warm season there is a terrace on the street, with cozy wicker furniture.

Despite the theme of the bar, there is a non-smoking room. In order not to distract tourists with weather conditions in the Heroes there are air conditioners.

Convenient, good, sincere - all this bar "Heroes" in Minsk.

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