Where to stay in Minsk during business trip

Where to stay in Minsk during business trip

“Time is a friend of a successful business and an enemy of the underdeveloped”, the American entrepreneur Warren Buffett said. And he was absolutely right! Businessmen regularly attend various events and go on business trips. We will make sure that you save your time on finding the right hotel in Minsk, Belarus and spend time with maximum comfort. Don't forget to read our previous article about Minsk before your arrival. 

VETLIVA proposes its selection of Minsk hotels to stay in during a business trip:

President Hotel for business trips

The largest five-star hotel in Minsk, Belarus. The high quality of service and top-notch atmosphere of the hotel are makers of your perfect accommodation. The “President-Hotel” is one the best places to finish a busy day full of successful deals and important meetings.

Location: a historical part of the city and right in front of Aliaksandrauski Garden Square.

Accommodation: a huge variety of rooms, 24-hour front desk.


  • bars and restaurants serving dishes of European, Belarusian and Slavic cuisines;
  • SPA centers, beauty salon, fitness center;
  • business center and meeting hall right inside of the hotel for your special trip.

Hotel Minsk — accomodation for business people

Hotel ”Minsk” — the first 4* hotel in the Republic of Belarus and one of the oldest hotels in Minsk and Belarus. Many years of experience of first-class customer service will give you the opportunity to relax and to spend time in comfy ambiance without worrying about household trivia.

Location: the hub of the city in a circle of historical and culture sights and not far from the railway station

Accommodation: 24-hour front desk and rooms for different types of customers.


  • bar, restaurant and summer café;
  • casino, beauty salon, workout room, etc.;
  • meeting hall for special events.

Hotel Yubileiny in Minsk, Belarus

Hotel "Yubileiny" has semi centennial history and got through many changes and global modernization but its services and quality are still kept at a great level.

Location: the center of Minsk, Belarus, historical center “Nemiga”. Trinity Suburb and river Svislach are right there.

Accommodation: 24-hour front desk, different rooms at a reasonable price.


  • bar, restaurant;
  • bowling, casino, sauna;
  • meeting hall.

Hotel Green City in Minsk, Belarus

The beauty is in simplicity so Minsk hotel “Green City Hotel” is your right choice if you need to stay overnight with comfort.

Location: one of the developing and rather quite regions of Minsk.

Accommodation: 24-hour front desk, European room style


  • restaurant, lobby bar;
  • free Wi-Fi and parking;
  • meeting hall.

Hotel Planeta in Minsk, Belarus

Hotel “Planeta” in Minsk is famous for its great customer service and perfect location. Inexpensive overnight and comfort are attached!

Location: the center of Minsk, Trinity Suburb, Tear Island and some museums are nearby.

Accommodation: 24-hour front desk, parking, rooms for any taste.


  • restaurant, bar;
  • swimming pool, sauna, beauty salon;
  • meeting hall.

So make great deals and be always sure: Minsk hotels take upon your relaxation themselves! And VETLIVA, your guide to Belarus, will choose the best hotels in Minsk and Belarus and tell you about them!