Finding Belarus on world map (and other maps too)

Finding Belarus on world map (and other maps too)

The main question to be asked first  about our country is “Where is Belarus located?”. Belarus, or the Republic of Belarus (not Byelorussia or Belorussia — we hate this names, frankly speaking, and later we will tell you why) is the landlocked country — we don’t have access to seas or oceans, but nevermind, there are beautiful and clean lakes, rivers and water reservoirs here. Belarus is located in Eastern Europe, surrounded by Russia (northeast), Ukraine (south), Poland (west), Lithuania and Latvia (northwest). Such geographical position gives us territorial advantages as connecting point for transit routes, transcontinental railway lines and main oil and gas pipelines from Russia to Europe — Belarus connects!

Specially for Blog, VETLIVA has prepared 3 different maps to show you where is Belarus situated.

where is Belarus

The capital and most populous city is Minsk (near 2 million people live here). Belarus is divided into six regions (“voblast” and “oblast” in Belarusian and Russian), which are named after the cities that serve as their administrative centers: 

  • Minsk Region (Minsk), 
  • Gomel Region (Gomel), 
  • Brest Region (Brest), 
  • Grodno Region (Grodno), 
  • Mogilev Region (Mogilev), 
  • Vitebsk Region (Vitebsk),
  • special administrative district — Minsk City. 

where is Belarus situated

Each city center has its unique history and authenticity.

What concerns the name of the country and why it is called in such manner — let us be honest, we don’t know either. There are 3 (sometimes more) versions of its etymology, closely related with the term “Belaya Rus” ( = “White Rus”). The first one suggests that the name was used for describing  the parts the Grand Duchy of Lithuania where had been lived primarily early Christianized Slavs. The second is about white clothing worn by the local Slavic population. The third theory suppose that the territory of old Rus lands that were not occupied by the Tatars had been called "White Rus'.

And now about Byelorussia, Belorussia and other taboo words which are imprudently referred to Belarus. The official name of our country is the Republic of Belarus which is stated in the main formal document of the country — The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus (meaning that the abridged form should be "Belarus"). The law settled that all the forms of the term should be transliterated from their Belarusian language forms into other languages. So while visiting us be politically correct and use correct forms — and yes, we are not part of Russia, we are independent state (our own Constitution proves this fact).

Belarus on the map of the world

VETLIVA, your guide to Belarus, hopes, that now you know where is Belarus located and how to find Belarus on world map.