What is health tourism and why is it so popular?

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What is health tourism and why is it so popular?

When it comes to tourism, the vast majority of people tell you that it is a journey, or it’s more about studying the world, or new impressions. Someone associates tourism with a hike to the mountains, someone speaks about wandering through the streets of unfamiliar cities. But very few people think that tourism can improve your health and at the same time give you some rest. That’s what medical or health tourism is! So why is it so popular now? Let’s find it out with Vetliva!

What for medical tourism

Health tours are growing in popularity

In addition to the rest, this type of recreation includes getting medical care. Medical tourism has received popularity for several reasons. First of all, people from poor regions are mostly interested in it and prefer SPA-resorts and rest homes in more developed countries. Sometimes certain types of therapy are banned in tourist’s homeland. That’s why medical tourism is a brilliant option for those who want both rest and health.

Medical tourism is very popular among residents of the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Many Americans prefer to undergo treatment abroad, as the cost of treating cardiac, orthopedic and many other diseases, for example, in India or Thailand, is a quarter of the cost of similar treatment in the US. In recent years, the Asian countries are showing considerable activity in the medical tourism market. So, clinics of South Korea with strong support of the government won the trust of patients.

Health tours and their popularity

Residents of Canada and the United Kingdom have state insurance, but in order to get to a specialist you need to wait for several months, and the waiting period for surgery can reach 2 years. Therefore, Canadians and Britons go for medical help to countries where you can go through the necessary procedures without waiting and get treatment too often.

India, Hungary, Mexico, Singapore and Thailand are leading in terms of the number of tourists accepted for providing medical services, due to the data collected by Vetliva.

Health tours to Belarus

What is medical tourism for Belarus?

As for Belarus, it is chosen for a health tour for a number of reasons: geographical position, and climate, and moderate prices for services. Belarusian sanatoria are especially popular and they host thousands of residents of post-Soviet countries and citizens of the European Union each year.

Medical tourism in Belarus is what we can call placidity: there is no need to worry because highly qualified specialists are taking care of you. Belarusian sanatoria provide a multitude of services: besides medical treatment, it includes massages, saunas, mud and aromatherapy. And don’t forget about nature: Vetliva highly recommends resorts in Belarus those who enjoy freshness of forests, rest on a shore of a lake and mild climate.

So if you’re about to start your health tour, don’t forget to check some information about Belarusian resorts, especially since Vetliva has already collected for you the best offers and relevant information.

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