Architectural landmark of Minsk: The National library of Belarus

Architectural landmark of Minsk: The National library of Belarus

Today in the blog:

Do you know what a rhombo-cubo-octahedron is?

National library.jpg

This is when 18 triangles and 18 squares are collected in one shape like a ball. 

Do you know where this unpronounceable thing can be seen? Yes, and such a size that only from afar you can understand that this is it. The big one is known to be seen from a distance.

How to get to the library?

    Come to Minsk, go down to the metro station Lenin square, which is at the railway station, and go to the metro station Vostok. And there it is. More precisely, it is rhombocuboctahedron. A giant polyhedron with 23 floors and a weight of 3 Ostankino TV towers. There is nothing to say about the area – 15 football fields!

    The world of books and more

      But this is if we are talking about the shape. However, the main thing in it is the content. More precisely, in she. Because this is the National Library of Belarus. There are 10 million items of storage: books, documents, manuscripts, huge folios and rare editions. In 80 languages! No wonder the library is called the DIAMOND of knowledge – this word is a synthesis of shape and impeccable content.


      But the amazing thing is that this realm of books opens its doors to both reading and many other great things to do. A visit to the library is not only a trip to the classic reading room or newfangled coworking, but also a little to the Museum, and partly to the art gallery, and a little to the gym, and even a bit to the sauna. In General, to do – not overdo!

      And there are 22,000 vinyl records that you can listen to directly from the player.

      And a myriad of audiobooks on disks – with courses in various disciplines.

      And 450 computers with Internet access. And 17 reading rooms where 1,500 people can sit at once. No, this is not just the realm of thought. This is a whole city within a city that welcomes guests with a filigree phrase in 19 languages: «may the man of God be perfect».

      The tour round the library

        The library guides will tell you about all this. And they will show how atmospheric, informative and high-tech it is. Including the mechanical part of it, where ordered books descend on special devices from a huge twenty – story ball to its foot - to the readers. In General, in one hour and for one dollar, you will make a great number of discoveries.

        View from library.jpg

        And if you arrive in the summer, and even on Sunday, and find that the library is closed, you will still be able to get a large portion of emotions – on the observation deck. A dollar and a half and a minute on the high-speed elevator  -  and you're at the top of the library. There is a spacious observation deck overlooking all four sides of Minsk. Beautiful and immense.

        And yes, don't forget to visit the National library of Belarus in the evening: in the dark, the diamond shines truly, with all 36 faces.