Wellness and relaxation: types of massage in the health resorts of Belarus

Wellness and relaxation: types of massage in the health resorts of Belarus

What do you associate complete relaxation with? Probably with a bathtub filled with fluffy foam, unobtrusive pleasant music, and relaxing spa treatments that not only put your nerves in order but also help your health. These are various types of massage, some of which even take place without the participation of a specialist! And now let's figure out where stone therapy is carried out in Belarusian resorts, how aqua massage can be dry, and where miniature ... fish act as professional massage therapists!

Massage in Belarusian health resorts

Classic massage

The specialist makes a massage to the girl on the massage table

Our top opens with immortal classics, useful for all ages. It gives relief from diseases of various organ systems. There are many types of manual massage, and most often there are several main types, for example, according to the type of impact:

  1. General — affects the whole body.

  2. Local — affects only the problem area (back, arms, legs, etc.)

  3. Therapeutic — includes both manual manipulations and hardware (according to indications).

VETLIVA recommends: besides the fact that the massage has an anti-cellulite effect, it also helps those who have problems with the nervous system, stress, and irritation. However, remember: like any other procedure, it may have contraindications. Therefore, you will certainly need to consult a doctor!

Mechanical massage

Special massage table for mechanical massage

Did you know that massage in a health resort can be non-contact? Just relax while a special massage couch or chair is working on the body and body. One of the main advantages of this type of exposure is that the vibrations created by Nuga best, Body Health, and other special devices cannot be reproduced even by the most experienced masseur. Just imagine: in just 15 minutes, a load on the spine is similar to a 10-kilometer walk!

The mechanical massage also helps to:

  • relieve muscle spasms,
  • improve the mobility of the vertebrae,
  • stretch the spine and more.

So welcome to the best health resorts in Belarus, where they will take care not only of your well-being but also of your excellent mood!


Spherical capsule Aquaroll for massage

Aquaroll Pro is not just a local massage that can be carried out on both hands and feet. The uniqueness of the device lies in the interaction of several factors at once: water at a temperature comfortable for the human body + glass balls + massage, which is carried out due to the controlled movement of water and balls in it. Ebb and flow, tapping, pressure on the skin and tissues provide dynamic hydromassage. The procedure improves mood, blood circulation, improves skin tone, reduces swelling and pain.

Underwater shower massage

Man takes a bath with underwater shower massage

The underwater shower massage is another non-contact type of massage. A combination of temperature and mechanical factors helps to achieve a stimulating and therapeutic effect:

  1. first, a person relaxes in warm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 38℃;

  2. then, a specialist with a stream of water under a pressure of 1.5-3.5 atmospheres performs a massage underwater.

The sensations from this are simply unreal! Moreover, the stimulation technique is selected based on the individual needs of the patient's body. If you want to get rid of cellulite and correct your figure, the masseur will work exclusively on problem areas. And the result will be there right away!

Advice from VETLIVA: don't you are a fan of in-bath procedures? Then you will definitely like our article about the types of baths in Belarusian health resorts. And there, look, and a stone's throw to the next vacation. It is worth spending, basking in the water with medicinal additives, boosting immunity, and enjoying the relaxation you deserve.

Dry hydromassage

Special blue capsule for dry aquamassage

If strong jets of water make you uncomfortable, there is a great alternative. There is no direct contact with water inside the special capsule, so you stay completely dry. But at the same time, you can feel the impact of water jets through a thin but durable waterproof fabric. One of the main advantages of this procedure is that the intensity of the massage is adjusted based on the individual parameters of a patient. That is, the capsule of dry aqua massage is recommended even for children!

In addition to body shaping and improving skin condition, the procedure helps people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, pain syndromes, problems with the large intestine, etc.

Vacuum massage

A man wearing special pads during a pneumocompression therapy session

Pneumocompression therapy works more narrowly. The impact is carried out on the legs, arms, and pelvic girdle. The "Lympha-mat" apparatus is a set of cuffs that are put on problem areas and apply alternating pressure on them.

Thus, vacuum massage helps with:

  • varicose veins and other serious diseases of the lower extremities,

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, including the prevention of thromboembolism,

  • edema of various origins and other problems.

Advice from VETLIVA: this procedure is good for athletes who are recovering from intense physical activity. Therefore, if you want to get in good shape faster, it's time to choose one of the health resorts where there is a wonderful vacuum therapy device.

Stone massage

Girl on a stone massage session

SPA is not only about special beauty salons. Now, most of the Belarusian resorts have stone-therapists who have the appropriate qualifications and experience in conducting a relaxing massage using stones of contrasting temperature. Due to the alternation of heated and cold stones, it is possible to achieve not only deep relaxation but also to improve blood circulation, help the normal functioning of the circulatory system, relieve spasms, and achieve other beneficial effects. And trying the miraculous power of massage with natural stones is offered in these health resorts in Belarus.

Buckwheat massage

A man is being massaged with buckwheat bags

Just imagine: this massage has already been practicing hundreds of years old! It came to us since the time of Ancient Russia: healers knew about the perks of buckwheat and applied bags with it to sore spots. Modern medicine has gone further: it has combined ancient experience with modern, and now bags with heated cereals are not only applied to the body but a full-fledged massage is performed with them. It helps to cope with osteochondrosis, restore muscle tone and get rid of cellulite.

Fish pedicure

A man is being massaged with buckwheat bags

Our review of the types of massage in Belarus ends with one of the most unusual procedures. Ichthyomassage, aka fish-spa, is a fairly new service for Belarusian health resorts, but those who travel a lot abroad should be familiar with it. This is a 2-in-1 peeling and massage performed by... little fish from the Garra Rufa family. If you want to have pure baby skin, the procedure is just for you! While you sit with your feet or hands in the tank with little masseurs, the fish gently cleanse the skin and eat up the keratinized particles.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: the size of the fish is up to 10 centimeters, and therefore you can be calm: there can be no talk of any bites or wounds! The sensations are extremely pleasant and useful. Garra Rufa saliva contains special enzymes that promote tissue healing and take part in anti-aging creams production.

As you can see, massage in health resorts is a medical procedure that can help you cope with a variety of ailments. Experienced specialists of the Belarusian health resort will prescribe you a course of therapeutic, relaxing, or anti-cellulite procedures, and VETLIVA is sure: you will be 100% satisfied with the result!

Already want to hit the road? It's easy to arrange! Among our offers, you will find something to your liking!

Wellness and relaxation: types of massage in the health resorts of Belarus