Ghosts and mills: unusual excursions around Minsk and whole Belarus

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Ghosts and mills: unusual excursions around Minsk and whole Belarus

Let's go through one funny test with VETLIVA! Right here and now answer the questions either "yes" or "no". Do you love to travel? Do you like posting photos to social networks so that to be envied? Do you like to try new dishes and bring souvenirs with you? Do you like excursions? 3 of 4 answers to these questions were affirmative, but we are sure that the last question most people answered “no”. Excursions now seem to be too boring and slow for many people, mostly everyone prefers to explore the cities on their own and enter various museums when it is convenient for them.

But! VETLIVA knows exactly how to make you happy and how to make your excursion around Belarus the most interesting and special. Belarusian sauna, the biggest cars in the world, homemade moonshine and traditional Belarusian food, ghosts in Nesvizh Castle and much more — get ready for the most unusual tour around the country.

Excursions around Belarus

Minsk and further: Belarus in excursions

Let's start exploring the best tours in Belarus and choose the right one for you.

Here is an unexpected fact from nowhere: there really are very beautiful castles in Belarus. This, of course, is not the house of Dracula in Transylvania, but it could well be his summer residences or hunting lodges. Nesvizh Castle in Belarus is the residence of the Radziwill princes, which is presented in the form of a palace and park complex of the XVI-XVIII centuries and created in the style of the early Baroque. The castle lives with legends, ghosts, secrets, so prepare your vacuum cleaners for ghosts, store “Twinkies” and go through the inner main halls of the castle and the corridors. The towers of the recently renovated Mir Castle about directly into the sky with their spiers and inspire with their architecture. Feel like kings and princesses in the walls of another mysterious corner of Belarus. And do not touch all the stuff: one of these walls hides a trap with stakes, and behind another one there is a secret passage to the treasure!

Mir Castle in Belarus

Let's talk about the old Slavic culture. Do you know anything about this? Well, it's time to find out more in belarusian Dudutki museum. Get ready to take part in a master class from a potter, try Belarusian moonshine and masterpieces of national cuisine, taste real bread from the oldest working mill and ride horses. All of this is surrounded by Belarusian flavor and dancing to old music. Do not forget to buy a couple of unusual souvenirs: wooden homemade toys, belts with Belarusian ornaments, stylish cards and other cutie-frutti things.

Museum Dudutki in Belarus

Okay, it's time to measure sizes, if only you are not afraid. Do you think your aunt's minivan is really huge? Say “hello” to our little friends! The largest dump trucks in the world are waiting for you at the BELAZ museum. The earth trembles under the wheels of these babies, and next to them the tomatoes ripen ahead of time. Convince yourself by visiting this excursion and learning all about giant dump trucks.

What to see in BELAZ

  • The whole list of excursions in Minsk

Congratulations, you hit the jackpot! Three unusual and interesting sightseeing tours around Minsk, during which you will see the most important sights of the city, including the beautiful squares, the Library, avenues and the historical center of the city. All excursions are similar, but at the same time they are different: tours are combined with quality and interest, and distinguish with the approach of information. Choose one of them and go ahead: explore Minsk from an unusual side.

Minsk and its sights

Excursion at night? It сould sound very strange if it were not so cool! This is not just a walk, it is a real journey through the best places in Minsk under a starry sky. See with your own eyes the incredible night illumination, watch the sights of the capital change under cover of night, and take some cool photos for your social networks. In the end, have you heard about the night tour somewhere else? Perhaps not.

Evening trip in Minsk

We finish our top with a warming excursion to the banya! C’mon, ask us: “what should we look at in sauna, hah”? In fact, the Belarusian banya has its own long history. Learn everything about how traditionally princes soared, relax in a real steam room, try on yourself the very beating with a broom. After this useful execution, you will be offered tea and dried fruits, as well as a real spa-line of sauna products: you won't leave without special masks on your face and cream therapy.

Explore Russian sauna

VETLIVA reminds you: do you remember that the period of visa-free travel in Belarus has been extended to 30 days? Why, then, not go on a tour, not an excursion? Now, for sure, you won’t miss anything: the most interesting places in Belarus are in packages and are waiting for you.

Excursions in Minsk and the whole Belarus: better call VETLIVA

In fact, these are, of course, not all steep expeditions to interesting places that we can offer: you won't have to go far to find the full list. We just talked about what you might like, because Belarus, even if it is small, is a place where everyone will find something to do and a place for everyone. And VETLIVA will make sure that they are comfortable and interesting.

Ghosts and mills: unusual excursions around Minsk and whole Belarus