The holiday is coming: where to spend New Year’s eve in Belarus?

The holiday is coming: where to spend New Year’s eve in Belarus?

It does not matter at all that autumn is still there with us: it’s time to prepare for celebration as if everywhere you can see hints of the approaching New Year even now! VETLIVA has already collected for you all the best offers and will help you to spend this holiday with fun and pleasure. Right here and now we are speaking of the places where fireworks shines and festive music is heard just in some months!

Spending Christmas and New Year in Belarus is always about snow, many festivals and concerts, salutes and a spirit of unity and happiness. It is a special day for the whole world, so we suggest you to spend the holidays with your loved ones and new impressions!

Where to spend New Year in Belarus

So where to go on New Year’s eve to get all in once?

Well, if you like excursions and New Year, VETLIVA offer you “The best of Belarus” tour! It tooks just 5 days to see Minsk, as well as Mir and Nesvizh with their famous castles in all the glory of the snow. In winter, these places are definitely from fairy-tales: majestic outdoor and cozy inside. The shrouded parks become quieter and more beautiful: snow-white expanses, high trees without foliage, monumental statues — it’s like a scenery for a film, but in reality.

Minsk itself — an infinitely beautiful capital — changes in winter: the evening illumination is reflected in its light in snow-white drifts and turns them into golden mountains right on the streets of the city. All the sights are completely transformed: Troitsky outskirts, decorated from top to bottom with fairy lights, looks like the streets of a European town that are above time and space. The amazing cube of the National Library, surrounded by snow flakes, brings to mind the space ship wandering far beyond. Each square — from Svobody to Independence — finds its own decorated Christmas tree, near which both children and adults dances.

New Year's Minsk is about amazing photos from the Internet, those sweet Soviet cards, enthusiastic stories of relatives and acquaintances. Even at the most difficult time for you there is a place for this fairy tale in your heart.

Where to go on New Year in Belarus

Where to spend New Year’s eve in Belarus to make your wishes come true?

The answer is simple: the residence of Belarusian Grandfather Frost in Belovezhskaya Pushcha!

If you want to get into the revived New Year's fairy tale, be sure to visit "The residence of Belarusian Grandfather Frost" with its decorated carving, the magic mill, little house of Snegurochka and, of course, get a gift from the owner of the estate. Thanks to the skillful wood carvers, who created decorations of houses and sculptures of fairy-tale characters, the estate became one of the world's most abiding places of residence for this magician. And they strengthen the atmosphere of magic and the feeling of the holiday garland with thousands of lights and one of the highest Christmas tree in Europe.

Just look at this magnificence! No matter how old are you —10, 30 or even 60 — it does not matter: everyone becomes children here and rejoice in gifts, write letters to Grandfather Frost and lead roundelays.

The residence of Grandfather Frost in Belarus

Accomodation for spending Christmas in Belarus

Say “hello!” to our big offers with little pleasant things!

Most of the Belarusian hotels provide not only their standard services — cozy rooms, pleasant staff, various amenities during the New Year eve. There are also absolutely new and interesting entertainment programs, a special "festive menu", decorated inside and outside hotels and large Christmas trees right in the halls.

Want to celebrate in a bustling and vibrant city and get straight from your room to the center of a huge and noisy holiday? Choose and book the best hotels for the lowest price! Do you want a more relaxing and cozy holiday with your family or friends? Small houses and ethno-cultural complexes will give you at your disposal a whole winter fairy tale: such places at this time become similar to these lovely landscapes from boxes of chocolates.

Regardless of the place, however, VETLIVA reminds you: wherever you are in the New Year, remember that this is a holiday, when all are friends and family members. You will not be left alone on this bright day!

By the way, if you are afraid of the 1st January and want not only to relax, but also to wake up absolutely vigorous and ready for new achievements, you can go to a sanatorium for this New Year! Like many hotels, they offer special offers and nice perks!

Spend Christmas in Belarus

Spend holidays in Belarus!

There are people in the world who are not happy even in holidays. All these young Grinches are scared to death of this noisy joy and fabulous atmosphere. However, together with us you will forget about all the problems of this year and uncertainties of 2019. Do not be boring and evil adults. Let in your heart a little childish spontaneity and the ability to rejoice. Let VETLIVA and this wonderful day immerse you in atmosphere of love, happiness and celebration!

Check our Blog, leave comments on your ideas and plans for the New Year and remember: how you celebrate New Year's will dictate the course of the next 12 months! And there is no doubt you will celebrate it with a smile!

The holiday is coming: where to spend New Year’s eve in Belarus?