The capital of Belarus like it is

The capital of Belarus like it is
You should create your own list of things to do in Minsk, if you decided to visit the capital of Belarus: that is what all the travelers do! No matter what you love: either walking down the streets and taking photos of usual houses, or visiting the most interesting places in the city. Be sure: the capital of Belarus will provide you with both and give even more. Read more about the Belarusian “Fantastic Six” in the article.

Gates of the Capital of Belarus

There's a well known phrase attributed to Stanislavsky: “Theatre begins at the cloakroom”. So the cloakroom of the Belarusian capital is its railway station. There are several large shopping malls there,  where you can have delicious breakfast in cafes and restaurants, buy a couple of stylish items in one of the many boutiques and even go to a movie. And don’t forget to examine the Minsk Gates carefully: fr om there your journey will start!

Trinity Suburb in the capital of Belarus

Be sure to visit one of the most famous and popular areas of ​​the city - Nemiga. It perfectly combines the classic silence of the European streets and the brightness and scope of megacities. To enjoy both, take a stroll through the Trinity Suburb, sit on the shore of Svislach, which gives you an opportunity to ride a catamaran in summer, and to skate in winter.

Another great place to visit is Yakub Kolas Square. Named after the famous Belarusian writer, it gathered around it a lot of shops, the famous Komarovka market (wh ere you can buy all types of agricultural products) and a couple of interesting places to have a lunch.

Museum of Great Patriotic war for history lovers

Minsk is a great place for those who are fond of history. A lot of museums around the city will tell you the history of the city and the country, their past and present. Visit the Museum of Great Patriotic war to penetrate the history of almost a century ago. For connoisseurs of arts we recommend to look into the Museum of National Art, wh ere you can get acquainted with the masterpieces of Belarusian and not only artists. Don’t miss the National Library, which can inspire you to create a movie about space thanks to its unusual architecture. The same piece of advice is perfect for those who want to see Minsk from a bird’s eye view.

One of the best parks in Minsk

Explore the natural beautiful sights of Minsk - for example, Victory Park, Gorky Park or Loshitsky Park. There are a lot of things to do in Minsk parks: ride bicycles or gyroscopes, arange walkathons around the territory (Victory Park occupies around 2 km), buy some street-food, and so on.

The capital of Belarus will pleasantly surprise fans of bar culture and nightlife. Zybitskaya Street, which consists entirely of bars, will give you an opportunity to choose a place to your heart. For atmospheric gatherings and new photos for your social sites gastro bars and pubs are suitable, there you can find unusual drinks, snacks and a chance to try it among new acquaintances. The clubs open their doors for those who want to dance, listen to good music, meet some famous bands and finish off a busy day with friends.

Do not forget to check the calendar of events before the trip: Minsk regularly becomes the venue for hundreds of events, from fresh performances at National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater to the street food festival and the battle of DJs.

It does not matter what you like to do while traveling: shopping, visiting historical places, traveling to places with delicious food or just walking. Minsk full of things to do will give you everything at once. And VETLIVA, your guide to Belarus, will help to choose the best!