SuperSanatoriums, or how to improve health?

SuperSanatoriums, or how to improve health?

This article will cover such a topic as sanatoria and health improvement in Belarus. VETLIVA, professional guide to Belarus, will answer most popular questions of our readers and followers. For more information check our site and Blog.

What are sanatoria?

What is sanatorium?

If we consult some dictionaries, they will say that it is a medical facility most known for treatment of tuberculosis in 19th and 20th century before discovering antibiotics. What’s more it could specialize in treatment of other serious illnesses - AIDS, mental and intellectual disabilities, etc. The other meaning refers to health improvement and maintenance, especially for convalescence.

What is sanatorium in Belarus?

Sanatoria in Belarus are more likely to have similarities with health resorts, spa destinations and holiday centers. But it doesn’t end here: each sanatorium in our country focuses on treatment of specific illnesses and types of them and has unique medical profiles.

Why is it so popular?

By choosing packages to sanatoria you receive treatment of high level and rest of high standards. Let’s just simplify things: it means killing two birds with one stone. Low prices is a key aspect either, making such establishments competitive enough.

How to chose sanatorium in Belarus?

How to choose sanatorium properly?

After reading the previous paragraphes you can think that sanatorium in Belarus is silver bullet. Yes it is, but to make it completely real, you should know these:

Natural health factors

The climate of Belarus is rather mild without huge temperature swings. Moderately hot summers and not very cold winters make the country an excellent place for rest and health improvement. All the sanatoria in Belarus are located in ecologically clean areas, far from the industrial zones of cities.

For instance by choosing rest in the sanatoria "Priozerny", "Sosny" and "Sputnik" you will get a unique opportunity to admire the beauties of the Naroch region.

Mineral water springs are the basis of balneotherapy in any sanatorium in Belarus. One of the leaders in this type of treatment are sanatoria "Borovoe", "Plissa" and "Radon".

There are deposits of sapropelic muds within the country. These muds affect the body gently improving oxygen metabolism, stimulating the functions of the nervous system, enriching the body with calcium, iron, magnesium, bromine, iodine, potassium, vitamins, amino acids. They also slow aging process, restore immunity, enhance skin protection, remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Sanatoria in Belarus

Medical profiles of sanatoria

Foreign sanatoria usually have primary and secondary profiles and specialize in a certain group of diseases (for example, diseases of the nervous system). The Belarusian ones are mostly multifunctional, besides having the main treatment profile. VETLIVA advises while choosing a resort to start from the consultation with your doctor.

Infrastructure of sanatorium

If your main goal is to rest, then pay attention to the infrastructure and entertainment in the sanatorium. For recreation of children important factors will be:

  • water area,
  • swimming pool,
  • children's playroom,
  • animators and educators.

All of these can be found in the sanatoria "Chaika", "Ruzhansky" and "Ozerny".

Extra Services

If you are willing to lose weight, the best option for you is fitness tours and SPA treatment. In addition, almost all the Belarusian resorts have their own SPA, and the best of them is the sanatorium "Yunost" with the certificate of Euro-SPA.

Rest and treatment in Belarusian sanatorium

Sanatoria in Belarus for rest and treatment

So now it must be crystal clear that Belarusian sanatoria are the best option for rest and treatment not only for adults, but for children either. VETLIVA wish you a good rest and proper health improvement for you and your family!

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